Welcome to Catalysis & Hydrogen Research Lab

In the 21st century, the major challenges facing scientific community is to search an alternatives of energy resources. The main objective of catalysis & Hydrogen research lab is to design and developed novel catalysis for energy applications. The major areas of research interest includes: Functional Nano-materials, Electro/photo-chemical Technology, Energy Storage & Conversion, origin of life and Bio-physical Chemistry.

The research in catalysis research lab is currently focused on exploring design and development of highly efficient advance catalysts for green Hydrogen production , reduction of carbon dioxide into green fuels, conversion of HMF into FDCA , fuel cell electro-catalysis, and so on.

Catalysis & Hydrogen Research Lab is highly dedicated to work on the fabrication of catalytic sites at nano-scale by controlling and manipulating the structure of materials. The current ongoing research projects in CHRL aimed to address current issues and challenges associated with alternate energy sources, renewable feed stock chemicals and fuels including design of naturally inspired catalyst .